Chemical Guys 3X Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax 3倍強力保護蠟 8oz



XXX is a premium paste wax that creates a glossy, rich, warm glowing shimmer that leaps off any glossy automotive surface while the proprietary LTI sealant polymers protect against the elements.


Use This To:

Get months of relentless shine and protection 獲得數月無休止的光澤和保護
Maximize warm shine with deep gloss and reflection 最大化深層光澤和反射
Naturally protect against the elements 自然保護免受外來污染侵害
Repel water and airborne pollution 驅走水和空氣污染物
Make it harder for dirt and bugs to stick 使其更難以粘上灰塵和蟲子


How to Use:

Wash and decontaminate vehicle with Chemical Guys Shampoo. 用 Chemical Guys 洗車水清洗和淨化車輛。
Apply a thin coat of product using a premium foam applicator pad or by hand. 使用優質施工綿用手將產品塗薄層。
Allow 20 minute dry time. 等20分鐘的乾燥時間。
Buff off using a premium microfiber towel. 使用優質超細纖維毛巾擦拭乾淨。