Chemical Guys Bug and Tar Remover Car Wash 蟲漬柏油洗車液



Bug & Tar Wash quickly breaks down bugs and tar to save exterior surfaces from permanent damage caused by corrosive insects and swirling and scratching caused by intense scrubbing during washing.
Bug & Tar Wash 可快速分解蟲子和柏油,以保護外表面免受腐蝕性昆蟲造成的永久性損壞,以及洗滌過程中強烈擦洗造成的漩渦和刮擦。
Gentle Formula Safe for all Surfaces 溫和配方安全適用於所有表面
Bug guts are some of the worst things for automotive paint. Flying insects contain corrosive chemicals that permanently damage paint if left unchecked. The concentrated Bug & Tar Wash formula breaks down the most stubborn dried bugs and tar residue to prevent permanent damage. The special formula is safe on bumpers, windshields, headlights, plastics, chrome, grilles, painted surfaces, and more.

蟲子內臟是最傷害汽車油漆的東西。飛蟲含有腐蝕性化學物質,如果不加以控制,會永久損壞油漆。濃縮的 Bug & Tar Wash 配方可分解最頑固的乾蟲和柏油殘留物,以防止永久性損壞。特殊配方可安全用於保險槓、擋風玻璃、前燈、塑料、鍍鉻、格柵、塗漆表面等。

Fast Acting Formula速效配方

Bug & Tar Remover is safe for clear coat and single stage paint finishes, and removes heavy bugs without damaging paintwork. The versatile formula breaks down grease, tar, dried bugs, road film, insects, and asphalt. Bug & Tar Remover reduces the amount of scrubbing needed to remove bugs and grime, which further reduces the chances of installing swirl marks and scratches while washing.

Bug & Tar Remover
對光油和單層油漆飾面是安全的,並且可以去除嚴重的蟲子而不損壞油漆。多功能配方可分解油脂、柏油、乾蟲、道路薄膜、昆蟲和瀝青。 Bug & Tar Remover 減少了去除蟲子和污垢所需的擦洗量,從而進一步減少了在洗滌時產生漩渦痕跡和划痕的機會。
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