Chemical Guys Tire and Trim Gel for Plastic and Rubber 膠飾及輪呔保護啫喱 16oz



Long lasting tire and trim dressing 持久的輪胎和膠邊保護
Restores and protects sun-faded trim 恢復和保護防曬褪色的飾邊
Absorbs quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel 吸收迅速,並以乾爽的觸感完成
Perfect for faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more! 適用於褪色保險槓,擋泥板,車門飾板,後視鏡,車窗飾條,門檻板,輪胎,百葉窗等等!
Highly-refined oil-based dressing penetrates deep to restore from within 高度精煉的油性保護液深入滲透,從內部恢復
Super-high-shine dressing for bright wet look 超高光澤保護液,帶來明亮的濕潤外觀
Make tires and trim look like new 使輪胎和膠飾條看起來像新的一樣


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