Chemical Guys V4 All-in-One Compound Polish & Sealant V4拋光封體二合一美容液


V4 All in One Polish cuts away light imperfections, scratches, and swirls, finishes like a fine polish, restores lustrous shine and deep reflection, then adds a layer of protection in just one step. V4 All in One Polish 可去除輕微瑕疵、划痕和漩渦,像精細拋光一樣完成拋光,恢復光澤和深度反射,然後只需一步即可添加一層保護。
Polish And Correct Paint In Less Time 在更短的時間內完成拋光和修正油漆

Full polishing jobs can take countless hours. With V4, an entire car can be polished in a few hours in just one pass. For cars with light to moderate swirl marks, scratches, and defects, V4 is the perfect polish that compounds and finishes in one step. The diminishing abrasives cut fast to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation, then finish like a fine polish to create a wet mirror finish! 完整的拋光工作可能需要無數個小時。使用 V4,只需一次過,即可在幾個小時內完成整輛汽車的拋光。對於有輕微到中度漩渦痕跡、划痕和缺陷的汽車,V4 是一種完美的拋光劑,可以一步完成。遞減磨料快速切割以去除漩渦、划痕和氧化,然後像精細拋光一樣完成拋光,形成濕潤鏡面!

Polish + Shine + Seal 拋光 + 光澤 + 封體

A newly polished surface needs to be protected, which is why V4 lays down a layer of sealant with every pass of your DA or rotary machine. V4 adds synthetic sealant technology to seal and protect the surface from contamination, UV rays, bird droppings, insects, and water spots. Full polishing detail jobs can take countless hours. Use V4 for a mirror finish and durable protection in just one pass! 需要保護新拋光的表面,這就是為什麼 V4 在每次通過 DA 或旋轉機器時都會鋪設一層密封劑。 V4 增加了合成密封劑技術來密封和保護表面免受污染、紫外線、鳥糞、昆蟲和水漬。完整的拋光細節工作可能需要無數個小時。只需一次通過 V4 即可獲得鏡面效果和持久保護!