Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam 超多泡泡鍍膜用洗車液 – 西瓜味


  • Superior surface cleanser 優異的清潔劑
  • Advanced foaming technology, High Suds 先進的發泡技術,高泡沫
  • Perfect for touchless, two bucket, or foam cannon wash 適用於非接觸式,雙桶式或泡沫式水槍清洗
  • Ideal for maintenance wash 非常適合日常維護清洗
  • Rinses clean with no residue 沖洗乾淨,無殘留物
  • Safe for wax and sealant 適用於蠟和封體劑
  • Removes grime, build up and dirt 去除污垢,積聚和污垢


How to Use
Use Watermelon Snow Foam Auto Wash in 2-bucket wash method

  1. Add 1 oz. of Watermelon Snow Foam to 5 gallon soap bucket
  2. Wash car from top to bottom with premium chenille microfiber mitt
  3. Rinse mitt in clean water bucket before returning to soap bucket
  4. Use a third bucket for wheels and tires

Use Watermelon Snow Foam Auto Wash with foam cannon/gun

  1. Fill foam solution bottle with warm water
  2. Add 2 oz. of Watermelon to foam solution bottle
  3. Fine tune air/solution ratio to produce desired amount of foam
  4. For thicker foam, add more Watermelon Snow Foam Auto Wash
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