Chemical Guys Wheel Guard 車鈴保護蠟 8oz


Wheel Guard is a specialty synthetic wax developed just for wheels and brake components to protect against brake dust, grime, dirt, mud, water, and more to keep wheels clean and shiny for longer!



Block brake dust from touching wheel surface directly 阻止剎車灰塵直接接觸車鈴表面
Save wheels from early corrosion and damage 避免車鈴過早腐蝕和損壞
Make polished metal wheels shimmer with every spin 每次旋轉都使拋光的金屬車鈴閃爍
Make water instantly bead up and roll off wheels 使水立即成珠狀並流出車鈴



  1. Rinse wheel off with water and using a good premium wash, clean wheel thoroughly, then dry. 用水沖洗車鈴,並使用優質高級洗劑,徹底清潔滾輪,然後車鈴。
  2. Scoop up a small amount of product on a premium foam or microfiber applicator pad 在優質海綿或超細纖維施工墊上塗上少量產品
  3. Spread a thin, even coat over any glossy and shiny wheel surface and brake components. 在任何有光澤的車鈴表面和製動部件上塗一層薄而均勻的塗層。
  4. Allow wax to dry for 15 minutes. 讓蠟乾15分鐘。
  5. Buff off using a microfiber towel. 使用超細纖維毛巾擦拭乾淨。